Teaming Up With The Inspired Hive: Week 2

Make sure to check out The Inspired Hive as Nicole embraces Demo Day! (Chip Gains, you’ve basically made this “day” a national holiday.) But demo is never easy and, as we all known, it’s rare to finish the day without one or two hiccups.

Nicole will take you through her journey of removing all her shower tile, old cement board and vanity. This week she also introduces her readers to our PROVA products. Our PROVA products are 100% waterproof, prevent mildew and are an easy alternative to traditional shower installation.

Applying PROVA-SEAL to PROVA BOARD PLUS+ and wall studs

Since Nicole stripped her shower down to the studs she used PROVA-BOARD® Plus+ . We love this product because it’s a great alternative to cement backer board, it’s incredibly lightweight, easy to cut & fit to any shower size, vapor proof, structurally sound, comes with a 10-year warranty and did we mention waterproof!.  To install the PROVA-BOARD Plus+ all you’ll need PROVA FASTENERS® and PROVA-SEAL™. PROVA-SEAL can also be used to waterproof and seal pipe and valve protrusions in showers. This product has a rapid cure rate and is water ready in 1 hour!

Clearly, we love our PROVA products but we were thrilled when Nicole told us, “PROVA install was a breeze!”