M-D Building Products can save you money!

The best way to reduce your energy use and save money on heating and cooling your home is to weatherproof your home and being sure to plug up any drafts. Doing this will increase the comfort and value of your home at the same time. You can conduct a DIY Energy Assessment and realize these efficiency measures and more. Natural resources are limited and we need to learn to use them more wisely in this century. Other actions can help too, such as:

  • Caulk around doors and windows.
  • Seal door bottoms with door sweeps, thresholds, and other energy saving products (i.e. The Draft Buster).
  • Seal doors on their sides using a door seal or jamb-up.
  • Use Foam, Sponge, or Silicone to seal up your windows and save energy!
  • Use light switch and outlet sealers to reduce energy loss through those areas.