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M-D Countertop Sneeze Guard 36″ H X 24″ W X 1/8″ Acrylic

This framed sneeze guard, or plastic shield, was designed to help protect them. It provides a flexible means to create a see-through the barrier between workers and customers. Countertop sneeze guard comes totally assembled and ready to install. No tools needed. Simply mark the location of the guard on the surface, remove the adhesive release paper, and apply to the location. Within 30 minutes it will be set in location.

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M-D Countertop Sneeze Guard 36″ H X 24″ W X 1/8″ Acrylic
  • Sturdy aluminum frame with satin-clear anodizing resists damage and provides a professional look
  • 24” W x 36” H x 1/8” acrylic
  • Removable without damaging surface
  • Easily replace acrylic if scratched or damaged
  • Made in the USA
  • Help protect customer and employees from coughing, sneezing or spraying droplets from their nose or mouth onto others with a see-through barrier
  • Clean with care to keep acrylic clear – use warm water and soap
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and ammonia-based products
  • Assembled in Oklahoma City, OK

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