Teaming Up With The Inspired Hive: Week 6

It’s here! Week 6, the final reveal of The Inspired Hive‘s One Room Challenge: Master Bath Remodel!

If you haven’t been following along here’s a quick recap, we partnered up with Nicole, from The Inspired Hive to help her tackle her master bathroom. Through our partnership, we supplied her with:

A few of our favorite waterproofing PROVA® products:

And some of the best tile tools:

With our products, Nicole was able to transform her shower from dated

The Inspired Hive One Room Challenge. Shower before photo


To a new, fresh, farmhouse look

The Inspired Hive One Room Challenge. After Photo: Shower

Congratulations, Nicole, on your new, beautiful master bath.

Teaming Up With The Inspired Hive: Week 4 & 5

Week 4 came and went but tile installation isn’t always as swift. Yet, we’re thrilled for Nicole, from The Inspired Hive, and her progress on re-tiling her shower. She’s making excellent progress on her master bath remodel.

In our Week 3 post, we discussed all the supplies we contributed to help Nicole reach her goal. We couldn’t be happier to hear how easy it’s been for Nicole to use our 20″ Tile Cutter Pro.

20″ Tile Cutter Pro

Our 20″ Tile Cutter Pro, is a heavy duty cutter used by contractors and DIYers. It’s far from intimidating due to its easy-to-use features. Simply line up the tile and run the handle over it to score the tile.  You only have to score the tile once to achieve the perfect cut!

The Inspired Hive’s Completed Tile Installation with M-D’s 3/16″ tile spacers

The above photo is from Nicole’s re-model. We love the how the subway tile is turning out. To recreate a similar look make sure to use our 3/16″ Tile Spacers! Using tile spaces allow for accurate tile alignment. Once the tile is set, be sure to remove the spacers before grouting!

Make sure to check back next week to see the final reveal of Nicole’s master bathroom!



Teaming Up With The Inspired Hive: Week 3

It’s week three of the One Room Challenge and our partner, Nicole, from The Inspired Hive is making great progress on her master bath remodel!

New beadboard and vanity

This week’s focus is mostly on the beadboard and vanity but… Nicole does start tiling her shower! We’re thrilled to have contributed by providing:

  • Ceramic Tile Kit Bucket
  • 20 in. Tile Cutter PRO
  • Extra Tile Spacers (3/16”)
  • Extra Cutting Wheels
M-D Ceramic Tile Kit Bucket and contents

Our ceramic tile kit bucket includes essential items needed to install, and our 20 in. Tile Cutter PRO makes cutting tile a breeze! With these two M-D items you’ll be able to take on any tiling project!

Make sure to check back in next week for more progress updates.

Teaming Up With The Inspired Hive: Week 2

Make sure to check out The Inspired Hive as Nicole embraces Demo Day! (Chip Gains, you’ve basically made this “day” a national holiday.) But demo is never easy and, as we all known, it’s rare to finish the day without one or two hiccups.

Nicole will take you through her journey of removing all her shower tile, old cement board and vanity. This week she also introduces her readers to our PROVA products. Our PROVA products are 100% waterproof, prevent mildew and are an easy alternative to traditional shower installation.

Applying PROVA-SEAL to PROVA BOARD PLUS+ and wall studs

Since Nicole stripped her shower down to the studs she used PROVA-BOARD® Plus+ . We love this product because it’s a great alternative to cement backer board, it’s incredibly lightweight, easy to cut & fit to any shower size, vapor proof, structurally sound, comes with a 10-year warranty and did we mention waterproof!.  To install the PROVA-BOARD Plus+ all you’ll need PROVA FASTENERS® and PROVA-SEAL™. PROVA-SEAL can also be used to waterproof and seal pipe and valve protrusions in showers. This product has a rapid cure rate and is water ready in 1 hour!

Clearly, we love our PROVA products but we were thrilled when Nicole told us, “PROVA install was a breeze!”

M-D partners with The Inspired Hive for One Room Challenge

M-D is teaming up with Nicole from The Inspired Hive as she takes on the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge! Nicole will be tackling a remodel of her master bathroom and M-D is going along for the ride by sponsoring PROVA products and M-D Tile Tools. Make sure to check out Nicole’s post tomorrow, April 6th, as she details how she will tackle one room in 6 weeks.

In the meantime, check out a Sneak Peak of Nicole’s current bathroom.

The Inspired Hive One Room Challenge. Before Photo: Shower
The Inspired Hive One Room Challenge. Before Photo: Bathroom Vanity

Be sure to check-in weekly for updates on Nicole’s progress and to learn tips and tricks for remodeling your own bathroom!

M-D provides a personalized In-Store Shopping Experience


Mississauga, March 24th, 2017: M‐D Canada Ltd., in conjunction with Didgebridge, a mobile marketing technology company and Advertek, a Canadian Print and Related Media Communications Provider are extremely excited to announce the premier launch in Canada of a location based mobile shopping application. This new application will be integrated with consumer shopping experiences at all Home Hardware Stores across Canada.

This strategic alliance will compliment today’s need to support consumer product education and shopping simplicity in a “mobile‐meets‐retail“world. A whole new experience will be delivered to the shopper once the consumer’s smartphone is engaged in store.

After a year of due diligence in researching location‐based mobile solutions, we found Didgebridge and Advertek who offered, by far, the best way for retail manufacturers and brands to communicate directly with shoppers – on the phone, the only interactive device they bring with them to the store,” said Fergus Chapman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, M‐ D Canada Ltd. “Our customers can now view the full spectrum of our product offerings for their home insulation and maintenance requirements. They can now, in live time, view all product options, engage with video technology for product information and view all product specifications and features”. Fergus added.

“Using real touch points, we will call out a texting function which will easily guide the consumer to the right product. The landing pages will be quick, engaging and fun which will affect the consumers’ buying decisions. With various click opportunities including “How to” videos, the persuasive power of these visuals will undeniably drive more products into the hands of the Home Hardware customer,” said Stephanie Adams, Marketing Manager, M‐D Canada Ltd. “With this platform, we are able to drive innovation and increase value, separating us from our competition”. Stephanie added.

“Our customers are looking for tools that analyze and act in real time, immediately supporting the consumer purchasing decision, our alliance with M‐D Canada Ltd. and Didgebridge delivers to this rapidly growing market need” noted Joe Montalbano, Co‐CEO of Advertek.

1575 South Gateway Rd * Unit A & B * Mississauga, ONT. * L4W 5J1 Email: [email protected] * Fax: 905‐625‐4249 * Toll Free: 1‐800‐565‐6653

M-D Building Products Names New Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Plotkin named new COO

OKLAHOMA CITY – Ryan Plotkin has been appointed Chief Operating Officer for M-D Building Products,
Inc., a privately held company involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of residential
and commercial weatherproofing, flooring and installation products. The announcement was made by
Loren Plotkin, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“The company has grown considerably in the past three years,” said Loren Plotkin. “We are fortunate to
have a considerable depth of talent across M-D’s executive management team. As we consider managing
our growth in the coming years, we are recognizing not only the contributions of our management team
but also identifying opportunities operationally where we can gain efficiencies through stronger processes
and practices.”

Loren Plotkin continued, “Ryan’s previous experience as Senior Vice President of Operations for the
company gives him valuable strategic and operational insights into the company as he moves forward in
his expanded role. Additionally, Ryan’s skills and qualities will complement our operational team as they
work together to advance our company’s growth agenda.”

Ryan Plotkin graduated from the University of Miami in 2007 and joined M-D Building Products in 2008 as
Global Business Manager. He was subsequently promoted to Vice President of Corporate Development
and later Senior Vice President of Operations. He recently rejoined the company after obtaining his MBA
from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis.
As COO, Ryan Plotkin will be responsible for the consumer products division of the company in North

“As board members, we unanimously support this decision to add a COO position to the senior
management team,” commented board member Nick Canter. “We have a strong talent base at M-D
Building Products, which bodes well for the future of the company. Ryan represents the dynamic and
energetic leadership talent we have in place to deliver new innovations not only in our products but also
in our processes. We are very pleased with this announcement.”

“I am humbled and honored for the opportunity to work with many creative, dedicated and talented
professionals at M-D Building Products,” said Ryan Plotkin. “Our company has a track record in both
product and manufacturing innovations. I am excited about our future and the opportunities ahead to
grow our company and extend our leadership for many years to come.”

About M-D Building Products

M-D Building Products designs, manufactures and markets a range of residential and commercial
weatherproofing products, including door and window weather-stripping, garage door weather-stripping, pipe
insulation and a complete line of interior and exterior caulk marketed under both the Tower Sealants and
DuPont ™ brands. The company also produces aluminum and wood flooring transitions as well as installation

The company is headquartered in Oklahoma City, where its primary manufacturing and distribution facilities
are located. M-D Building Products also operates seven additional manufacturing and distribution sites across
the U.S. and Canada. The company sells its products through numerous retailers and professional channels to
consumers, contractors, wholesalers and community agencies across the nation.

In 2007, the current management team bought out the founding Macklanburg family after three generations.
Led by majority shareholder Loren Plotkin, the management team has continued to grow and expand the
company’s product lines and upgraded manufacturing and distribution capabilities and facilities.

Download Full Press Release (PDF)

Applying Weatherstripping

To determine how much weatherstripping you will need, add the perimeters of all windowsand doors to be weatherstripped, then add 5% to 10% to accommodate any waste. Also consider that weatherstripping comes in varying depths and widths.

Weatherstripping supplies and techniques range from simple to the technical. Consult the instructions on the weatherstripping package.

Here are a few basic guidelines:

  • Weatherstripping should be applied to clean, dry surfaces in temperatures above 20°F (-7° C).
  • Measure the area to be weatherstripped twice before making a cut.
  • Apply weatherstripping snugly against both surfaces. The material should compress when the window or door is shut.

When weatherstripping doors:

  • Choose the appropriate door sweeps and thresholds for the bottom of the doors.
  • Weatherstrip the entire door jamb.
  • Apply one continuous strip along each side.
  • Make sure the weatherstripping meets tightly at the corners.
  • Use a thickness that causes the weatherstripping to press tightly between the door and the door jamb when the door closes without making it difficult to shut.

For air sealing windows, apply weatherstripping between the sash and the frame. The weatherstripping shouldn’t interfere with the operation of the window.


3 Easy Steps To Your Door Sweep Install

Cinch Door Seals are a fast and easy way to save money by sealing your doors against drafts and leaks. Say goodbye to drills, screws, screwdrivers or pilot holes. Simply measure, trim, peel and stick your way to energy savings in any season. Specially developed with 3M Adhesive Technology, Cinch installs in mere minutes and lasts for years.

Less than 10 minute installation
What once took 30 minutes to an hour with traditional weather-stripping can now be accomplished in minutes. The superior seal and premium adhesive will have you saving money on heating and cooling bills in no time.

As easy as measure, trim, peel and stick!

Take a look at our Cinch Door Seals.

Proven History is Proven Quality

M-D Building Products, Inc. has a rich history of product development and manufacturing expertise. Beginning in 1920 as Macklanburg Duncan, the M-D story encompasses over 90 years of inventing and manufacturing products demanded by our customers. Our products are industry leaders or contend for industry leadership in the categories of weatherization, flooring tools, flooring accessories and digital levels.

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